Training & Workshops

Gail Sonnesso, MS, QDCS, Executive Director has been working with people with memory loss and their families for over 28 years. She is a Qualified AFA Dementia Trainer and Rehabilitation Counselor.

We offer three levels of training appropriate for Family Caregivers, Professional Caregivers, Caring Teens, Church & Community Friends:

  1.  Dementia/Memory Loss 101
  2. Caring Effectively
  3. AFA’s “Qualified Dementia Care Provider”

To see a recent Dementia/Memory Loss 101 presentation (February 17, 2014) click HERE. For the Dementia/Memory Loss 101 Brochure, click HERE

Please call Gail @ 252-480-3354 or email her at to schedule a workshop for your program, facility, church or family.