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At present, the National Institute on Aging estimates that over five million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. These older adults have specialized cognitive, physical and emotional needs. Few caregivers,paid or unpaid, have the specialized training needed to optimally care for those with dementia.

Unfortunately, most hands-on care providers report that they learn about dementia care “on the job” or through “trial and error.” GEM provides specific dementia education that allows these care providers to perform their jobs in a more competent and nurturing manner.

At the end of the GEM Dementia Care Training, care providers are able to:

  1. Identify persons who exhibit symptoms of dementia.
  2. Use strategies for successful communication.
  3. Understand safety risks.
  4. Understand concerns of the family.
  5. Understand appropriate levels of care.
  6. Link persons with dementia to needed social and medical services.
  7. Provide the “Best Day” for older adults with dementia and their caregivers.

Training involves 12 hours of intensive dementia-specific training. Training is facilitated by Gail Sonnesso, MS, Q.D.C.S., Director of GEM.

Successful completion of this class  entitles you to 12 CEU’s in Effective Dementia Care recognized by NC Dept. of Health & Human Services Adult Care Licensure Section.

Also GEM offers Qualified Dementia Care Provider via the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America an (8) eight hour workshop that provides the qualification and membership in the Dementia Care Professionals of America (DCPA) and provides on-going CEU’s necessary to remain qualified.

GEM's Gail Sonnesso provides information about the Alzheimer's Association at Elizabeth City Chamber event March 26th
GEM’s Gail Sonnesso provides information about the Alzheimer’s Association at Elizabeth City Chamber event March 26th

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