Harmony Cafe

A typical day at
Harmony Café
11 a.m.
Introductions and a visit
with Buddy, a therapy dog
11:15 a.m.
Completing a service
project or craft activity
12 p.m
Chair exercise for
caregivers, care receivers,
and all volunteers
12:30 p.m.
Lunch provided by one of
GEM’s generous
community sponsors
1:15 p.m.
Live entertainment
provided by one of GEM’s
talented supporters
the families it
GEM and serves thank Kitty
Hawk United Methodist Church, its
staff, and congregation as well as the
many other local churches, community
groups, and individuals who volunteer
their time to plan and sponsor monthly
Harmony Café meetings.
Join us on the first Saturday of each
month at 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall
of Kitty Hawk United Methodist
Church, 803 W . Kitty Hawk Rd., Kitty
Hawk, NC 27949.
Add your email address to GEM’s
distribution list so that you always know
what’s planned and when.
For more information, contact:
Gail E. Sonnesso, MS, QDCS
Thank you for your interest in GEM
Adult Day Services, Inc. on the Outer
Banks of North Carolina. We are a
community-based nonprofit
organization dedicated to providing
quality services to both participants and
caregivers. GEM provides a positive
and supportive environment for adults
with memory loss, physical and mental
disabilities and those in need of
socialization. We welcome your
comments and questions.
AFA Excellence in Care Specialist
P .O. Box 3601
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Phone: 252.480.3354
Email: gsonnesso@gmail.com
Or visit us in person or online:
12 Juniper Trail Suite 205
Southern Shores, NC 27949
Enjoy family, friends,
and friendship at
Harmony Café
a monthly activity of
GEM Adult Day Services, Inc.
hosted by Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church
Harmony Café
Who benefits from
is a Memory Café
Harmony Café? Everyone!
More than 6 million Americans have received a dementia diagnosis, which includes
Alzheimer disease, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy body, Parkinson dementia,
frontotemporal and other subtypes. The Center for Disease Control estimates that
80% of people living with dementia are receiving care in their homes (March 29,
2016). Yet these staggering statistics are expected to increase exponentially as “baby
boomers” continue to age.
Dementia affects more than just the individual who has the disease. Caregivers, family
members, neighbors, friends

group also has a stake in learning more about
memory care and how to foster a sense of normalcy for those who still “got a lot o’
livin’ to do.”
Gail Sonnesso, the founder and executive director of GEM (an acronym for Gentle
Expert Memorycare), and the GEM Board of Directors have made it their mission
to alter the impact of dementia by changing “awareness, attitudes and behaviors with
a primary emphasis on promoting best practices for training, education, and care.”
And that’s what Harmony Café does on the first Saturday of each month for
s Persons with mild cognitive impairment;
s Individuals who are concerned about their own memory loss;
s Family members and caregivers for persons with a diagnosis.
Harmony Café is a place where any
senior that would benefit from memory
care may practice that skill in a safe,
supportive, and engaging environment.
Harmony Café is a monthly event at
which care receivers and caregivers can
interact, laugh, cry,
support, share concerns,
and celebrate life with
volunteers and trained
professionals without feeling
embarrassed or misunderstood.
Harmony Café is a
caring environment
that provides person-
centered living,
encourages friendship,
and fosters acceptance.
Harmony Café is open to anyone without formal referral or assessment. GEM does
not charge a fee for an individual accompanied by a caregiver.
Harmony Café is a Memory Café that
provide activities for care receivers and
a change of pace for caregivers in
North Carolina’s Dare and Currituck
Board of Directors
Angelo Sonnesso, MA, MS, president
Ron Deveau, PC, treasurer
Jean Basnight
Terry Blocher
Rose Clark
Rev. Charles Daly
Susan Darling
Luanne Hege
Nancy Kosanovich, NP, retired
Cathy Pfendler, RN
Rosalind Pugh
GEM gratefully accepts donations, which
help continue programs year-round without
charge to participants. Contact Gail Sonnesso
at 252.480.3354 or email gsonnesso@gmail.com.
GEM also acknowledges the technical support of Roger Pfendler.
Rachel Besancon, RN
Susan Firman, RN
Mary Ellen Hawthorne
Oscar Northern
Delana Phillips, MD
Rev. George Smith