Purple Angel



Dementia: Severe emotional and mental disruption and deterioration; symptoms of crippling diseases of the brain, progressive meaning that it will lead to death.
Both in the elderly and young onset can be difficult for families to come to terms with.
As brain neurons die, mental processes are altered, causing a person to lose cherished life memories, have subtle or severe personality changes, disorientation and a reduced ability to make reasoned judgments affecting day to day function.
Dementia does not “come out of the blue" but has early stages, mid stages and late stages, we have to concentrate on recognizing those "Early stages".
It is estimated that there are over 44 million people living with dementia around the world.
Purple Angel upholds the principle that people with dementia have an absolute right to enjoy a good quality of life and continued involvement in their local community so far as they are able and willing to do so. The depth and strength of that principle is the driving force behind the continued efforts to address negative attitudes and ultimately reverse them, raising awareness and understanding of the impact the disease has on individuals and their families.
Our hope is that by spreading awareness we can give comfort, put an end to stigma and work together globally for a cure.
Although most forms of dementia will progress to end of life, we can all live better given sufficient understanding and knowledge about the diseases.